Time Is Money, Time is like a sword, that's the proverb of clever people to describe how important time is. Time can kill us, time can harm us, time can even make us regret for the rest of our lives. Time is so important in everyday life, many people are busy or super busy in order to make the most of the only 24 hours in a day.

Likewise with computers, the presence of time is quite vital, try to practice it, if our computer time is not right, can we open a web browser, of course the answer is NO.

In this article, we will try to explain in more depth how to configure the time server in PFSense. The time server in PFSense is the main thing in the performance of the PFSense Server which is a firewall router. If the PFSense server time is inaccurate or chaotic then other programs running on the machine will have imperfect performance and performance.

As a first step to setup NTM Time Server on PFSense you must log in first, use the Web GUI to make configuration easier. After successfully entering the PFSense system, click the Services menu, click NTP.

Select the Settings menu, configure according to the image below.

What you need to pay attention to at this stage is filling in the name of the time server or "Time Servers". Fill in according to the time server you want, you can add or subtract it. Apart from the Time Server option, you must also fill in the Interface option, because the time server that we will configure is only used for internal/private networks, so click the LANWIFI interface. Once you are sure everything has been configured, click "Save".

Continue by clicking the ACLs menu, in the Networks option, fill in the Server Interface IP of our PFSense server, because in this tutorial the PFSense Server IP on the LAN interface is, so we fill in this option with mask 24.

At this point, we have actually finished configuring the PFSene Time Server, but we will continue the discussion. So that every client who uses our internet network can automatically get a time server from the PFSense server, we have to setup the DHCP Server.

Click the Services menu and click the DHCP Server menu.

Look for the NTP menu then click Display Advanced.

In the NTP Server 1, NTP Server 2 and NTP Server 13 options, fill in the server name that we created earlier in the NTP menu settings >>> Settings.

When you click the "Save" button, it means you have finished configuring all stages of building an NTP Time Server with PFSense. So now every time a client connects to our internet network, it automatically gets a time server from the PFSense server.

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