FreeBSD Bittorrent And Utorrent For Anonymous High Speed Downloads

Before you read this article, you should read the previous article, because each article is interconnected with each other. In the previous article we discussed installing TOR and Privoxy on a FreeBSD Server computer. Currently the Windows client computer that I use uses a proxy from TOR and Privoxy. The results are quite amazing, no more sites are blocked, and my Public IP address uses a random Public IP from the TOR server. So when I access the internet, I no longer use the Public Indihome IP address.

After successfully installing TOR on the FreeBSD server and using it on a Windows client, I became more challenged to try TOR so that it could connect to torrent clients, such as Bittorrent, Utorrent and others.

In this article, we try to configure torrent clients (Bittorrent and Utorrent) to download torrent files via the TOR and Privoxy networks. On this occasion, I will not discuss how to install TOR and Privoxy. We assume that our FreeBSD server computer has TOR and Privoxy installed, with the following specifications:

OS: FreeBSD 13.2 Stable
IP Server FreeBSD:
IP/Port TOR:
IP/Port Privoxy:

For Privoxy's config file in the /usr/local/etc/privoxy folder, we forward it to the TOR IP/Port.

root@router2:~ # ee /usr/local/etc/privoxy/config
forward-socks5   / .

In the picture above, the architecture of planning how to download torrent files via Utorrent to Privoxy and TOR as the final backend.

Bittorrent and Utorrent settings

In this tutorial we will practice the Bittorrent and Utorrent programs as clients running on Windows. We assume that our Windows computer has both applications installed.

Now you open the Bittorrent program that is installed on Windows, in the Options menu, click Preferences.

Now you test by downloading a torrent file. If there is no file in torrent format, download the file first. If there is a torrent file, we open it with Bittorrent, look at the download speed.

Results Download torrent files
with Privoxy and TOR

Now we continue the test with the Utorrent program, the steps are almost the same as the Bittorrent program.


Results Download torrent files
with Privoxy and TOR

Apart from being free and having high anonymity, it turns out that TOR combined with Privoxy has promising performance for downloading torrent files. Maybe with this tutorial you will try moving on and try TOR as a backend for downloading torrent files.
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